Effects Of Smoking

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smoking facts effects cork kerry waterford limerickEffects Of Smoking – As a smoker, you may not fully understand the full extent of the unseen damage you are causing to your body RIGHT NOW!

The facts about smoking are there for all to see. The following article presents all of the possible harmful effects that you may suffer a little later on from your smoking habit. The most obvious one that everyone is aware of is lung cancer but there are many other unexpected side-effects that may surprise you. EVERY smoker should read this article so that, at the very least, you are aware of the damage you are doing to your body RIGHT NOW!

Effect Of Smoking On Your Body

  • Cancer – everyone knows that smoking can cause lung cancer but did you know that 90% of ALL lung cancers are because of smoking? AND, you could also contract cancer of the mouth, throat and oesophagus to mention but a few, all as a direct result of smoking.
  • Heart Disease – smokers have a very real increased risk of heart disease.
  • Sexual Dysfunction – male smokers are more likely to become impotent or suffer from erectile dysfunction in middle age.
  • Fertility Problems – both male and female smokers become less fertile as a direct result of smoking.
  • Health Conditions Worsen – conditions such as asthma, flu, chest infections, chronic rhinitis, hyperthyroidism, MS, Crohn’s etc. are are worsened by smoking.
  • Aging – compare the face of person who’s been smoking for 20 years to one who hasn’t and the difference is so obvious. Smokers develop more lines on their faces and tend to look much older than non-smokers of a similar age.

And here’s the most serious fact of all….

SMOKERS LOSE 10 – 15 years FROM THEIR NORMAL LIFE EXPECTANCY – FACT! (source – The Department Of Health & Children’s website)

What’s In A Cigarette?

This diagram show just some of the things you’d probably never expect to be in a cigarette

cigarette poisons smoking effects what's in a cigarette

So, the next time that you kid yourself into believing that cigarettes relax you – ask yourself, is your idea of a relaxing evening sniffing some paint stripper? Or knocking back a glass of weedkiller? Or do you think you’d really enjoy the taste of candle wax in your mouth? How about sprinkling some insecticide on your cornflakes?


Had Enough Of These Smoking Effects?

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Paul Hunter is a highly respected Clinical Hypnotherapist & EFT Master Practitioner who personally succeeded in stopping smoking in the year 2000 after having smoked up to 50 a day for the previous 17 years. A regular contributor to the Irish Examiner, Cork Independent and Red FM, he now regularly helps people from all over Ireland stop smoking successfully in as little as just one session. For appointments call 086 2666670